Rafters Dark 8x68 Planks

steelwalkGlazed Porcelain

Steelwalk and Rafters are 2 fresh contemporary lines with a bold mix of color and design. Both the 12x24 Steelwalk and the 8x48 Rafters can be used on floors and walls and complement each other when used in tandem. Even with the semi-polished finish, Steelwalk exceeds the .42 DCOF to meet the ADA requirement for slip resistance and for walls the depth of the glaze and range of color is stunning. Rafters make a great floor for both residential and light commercial settings and can also be the reclaimed wood you always wanted with the ease of maintenance you can only have with porcelain tile. You can change colors from room to room without losing continuity or stick with 2 without being boring. No matter how you pair them, you’ll have a winning combination.

Steelwalk comes in 12x24 with 2x2 mosaics and a 3½ x 24 bullnose. Rafters come in an 8 x 48 plank and a signature trapezoid mosaic that commands attention as well as a 2 1/2x40 bullnose.