StarkDigitally Glazed Porcelain

100% Made In Italy

How do you choose the most durable surface in your home or business? We think those things that last the longest should be chosen with the most care. You don't just need durable materials; you need a durable style that requires minimal maintenance and is adaptable to changing tastes and needs.

Rather than try to be a wood, stone or concrete look, Stark throws elements of each onto a fresh palette of sophisticated greys that make a perfect foundation for a myriad of styles. Not only is it incredibly durable and easy to maintain, it can easily become a completely new canvas down the road when you want to take the space in a new direction. With subtle variations in shade and texture, Stark enhances its surroundings without overpowering them. From monochromatic to vibrantly colorful, Stark can pull together a seemingly endless variety of color schemes.

Stark exceeds .6 COF both wet and dry and is suitable for most commercial and residential floors and walls. The 3 colors come in 12x24, 2x2 mosaics and 3x24 surface bullnose.

Technical Specifications


Frost Resistance
ISO 10515/12
Water Absorbtion
ISO 10545/3
≤ 0.5%
Resistance to Deep Abrasion
ISO 10545/7
Chemical resistance
ISO 10545/14
Flexural Strength
ISO 10545/04
ISO 10545/2
Meets or Exceeds
Slip Resistance Dry
ASTM C1028
Slip Resistance Wet
ASTM C1028