‚ÄčIce Bamboo and Ice Strip


Few places can rival a shoreline for mesmerizing blends of color and texture. A new life begins as ancient geology erodes; an environment both fed and buffeted by sun, wind and water.

Shoreline Glass brings the ambiance of a shoreline to your environment without the nasty weather. Tranquil blends of color in smooth subtle strips or undulated texture, Shoreline Glass can transform an ordinary space to a captivating port of call. The texture of Shoreline Bamboo glass captures light and reflection for a unique and stunning look. Shoreline Strips have a hand-brushed application of subtle colors. Although each base color remains consistent, the highlights vary with no two tiles exactly the same.

Shoreline glass tiles are 11 3/4" x 1 7/8". They are ideal for decorative wall use. Shoreline glass should be set with a premium white thin set recommended for glass tiles and grouted with Ardex, Prismor Dimensions grout.


Ice Strip | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Ice Strip

Fog Strip | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Fog Strip

Storm Strip | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Storm Strip

Sand Strip | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Sand Strip

Pebble Strip | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Pebble Strip


Ice Bamboo | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Ice Bamboo

Fog Bamboo | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Fog Bamboo

Storm Bamboo | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Storm Bamboo

Sand Bamboo | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Sand Bamboo

Pebble Bamboo | Shoreline | Get s'Tile

Pebble Bamboo