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queen stone

Queen Stone porcelain tile was developed for people whose home is their castle. Stunning looks with enough size options to do all the rooms in style. Durable enough for public areas and beautiful enough to use in the Royals private rooms, Queen Stone will withstand heavy use with minimal maintenance and exceeds the ADA requirements of .42 using the new DCOF ACU Test.

Queen stone's four colors are available in 12x12, 12x24, 10¾ x 9¼ Hex, 13¾ x 3⅜ Brick, Tumble 2x2 Mosaic and 13¾ x 3⅜ Surface Bullnose. They offer an unparalleled range of blended shades and patterns that exemplify Italian design. Each shape gives a different look and shapes can be used together to create a truly unique design.

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Queen Stone Silver Hex

Queen Stone


Length & Width
ISO 10545/2
± 0.6% max
Meets or Exceeds
Varation in Thickness
ISO 10545/2
± 0.5% max
Meets or Exceeds
ISO 10545/2
± 0.6% max
Meets or Exceeds
ISO 10545/2
± 0.35% max
Meets or Exceeds
Water Absorbtion
ISO 10545/3
≤ 0.1% max
Meets or Exceeds
Bending Strength
ISO 10545/4
R ≥ 35 N/mm²
Meets or Exceeds
Breaking Strength
ISO 10545/4
≥ 1700
Meets or Exceeds
Frost Resistance
ISO 10515/12
EN ISO 10545-12
Meets or Exceeds
Acid/Alkalai Resistance
ISO 10545/13
EN ISO 10545-13
Meets or Exceeds
Stain Resistance
ISO 10545/14
Class 3 Min.
Class 5
Abrasion Resistance
ISO 10545-7
Meets or Exceeds
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Queen Stone Havana Hex