Precious Collage 3x8


Intaglio is an ancient process of incised carving or sunken design. Intaglio glass has brought new life to this process by putting the relief pattern on the back of glass, which makes the pattern become more vibrant, adding the perception of incredible depth. Intaglio has two colors, Pearl and Precious. Both colors are available in two patterns that are cut from larger pieces of glass, providing variation within each pattern. Sketch is a series of intersecting lines that give a contemporary edge that can serve as either a backdrop or focal point. Collage blends Sketch and four other patterns into a dramatic tapestry like no other.

Sketch is available in 3x8 bricks and Collage is available in both 3x8 Bricks and 8” hexagons. A ¾” x 8” Bombato is also available in both colors that can be used with either pattern. If you have been looking for a way to turn something nice into something sublime, Intaglio could be your answer.

Intaglio Hexagon tiles cannot be cut using traditional tile cutting methods. Please see instruction videos and written instructions before installing these tiles.

Instructional Videos