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7:30am - 5pm
7:30am - 5pm
7:30am - 5pm
7:30am - 5pm
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5230 North Basin
Portland, OR 97217
Toll-Free: 800.603.9380
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My background

I got into the tile business almost by accident in the '70's. I owned a fireplace store and sold brick and stone installations as part of that business. I saw a great looking tile installation and decided that would go along well with what we did. As I started researching tile, I discovered that I loved the way it looked and after installing a couple of store displays, I found it was the easiest material to maintain that I had ever seen.

I became a tile-only contractor in the '80s and then came to The Cronin Company in 1989 as the ceramic tile product manager. I still love tile and stone and continue to get excited as new technology continues to make tile better looking, more durable and more reasonably priced. I can't claim to be unbiased; I love tile, but I do know these simple tips would prevent nearly every problem I've ever seen.